Ryan Culkin

Aaron Vickers

A smart defenseman that rarely makes costly mistakes. He’s an above average skater, who isn’t afraid to skate the puck out of his zone or carry it up ice. His speed is fine and his mobility is solid although he could work on his transitions. He’s not flashy with the puck by any means, and may not have the overall offensive up- side that some teams would hope, but his hockey IQ is very intriguing. Keeps the play in front of him and thinks the game well. At his best playing simple, utilizing his smarts and passing skills. He possesses nice vision and the ability to stretch the ice for his team with accurate multi-zone passes. Utilizes solid body positioning and an active stick to defend skilled attackers as he is not an overly physical player. He can suffer though stretches where he makes poor decisions with the puck as he is caught trying to do too much. Although he has shown some intriguing pro upside he needs to work on his shot and physicality more, and improve his overall puck skills. (May 2012)