Ryan Collins

Aaron Vickers

Collins is a big, mobile defenseman whose upside should pin him high in the draft. Collins isn’t the fastest of skaters from the blue line, but for his size, Collins has nifty feet and decent acceleration through the neutral zone with the puck. He likes to carry the puck himself, and he does a nice job using his build and his skating ability to protect it and take it to the other team’s blue line. Collins sees the ice well, and is extremely poised and con dent with the puck. He makes a solid first pass and does a nice job springing his forwards with long passes. Collins has a powerful slap shot from the blue line, but it lacks accuracy and control. He is useful when he decides to pinch from the point and get involved in the offense around the half boards and lower. He has a strong, growing sense for the offensive game. Defensively, Collins isn’t the most physical of 6-foot-4 defensemen, but he will use his size on the walls to take others off the puck. Once he grows into his size, the physical aspect of his game should improve. He uses his stick and reach nicely to force guys wide, and he does a good job sticking with his man and taking him around the net. (May 2014)