Roope Hintz

Aaron Vickers

An intelligent two-way forward who plays very calmly and maturely for his age. Has an impressive
size and skating blend. He is a little unbalanced on his feet and choppy in his mobility,
but the kid can flat out fly when he gets moving. Possesses good acceleration and can get to
top speed in only a few short strides. Makes wide turns and pivots, rather than quick stops and
starts, but it seems as though this is what he is most comfortable with. However, it limits his
effectiveness to get to the puck carrier far too often. He is a big body in front of the net on the
powerplay and can cause havoc for opposing defenders. He is hard to move but we would like
to see him put up more of a fight for a longer time. Doesn’t need to get set to let go a heavy
shot on net. Possesses impressive playmaking ability on the rush that makes for quality scoring
chances. He centers passes on the tape, leading his man, and then quickly steps to the side to
jet to the front of the net for a rebound. He is aware on the ice and anticipates the play very well.
Loves to take charge and be in control. Inconsistent getting back to defend, but once in his own
zone he is reliable and reads the play well. Hintz wins multiple one-on-one battles on the boards
and manages to control the play on the defensive side of the puck well with his impressive stick
work. Both his forecheck and back check were impressive and Hintz displayed a good hustle
and battle level.  (May 2015)