Roland McKeown

Darren Walker

A solid two-way defenseman, McKeown has tons of power when skating and can accelerate really well. He uses his speed and size well to beat opponents to loose pucks and is very strong on his skates. McKeown is very mobile and is one of the best backward skaters in the OHL. He shows great mobility and his transitions are smooth. McKeown moves the puck well by deliver- ing good passes to teammates, and possessing the ability and poise to deke opponents if necessary. He protects the puck extremely well with strength on his stick and his large frame. McKeown sees the ice well and gets the puck out of his own zone quickly and effectively. He makes crisp and accurate passes with near-perfect timing. McKeown leads the breakout or joins many of his team’s rushes up ice. He has a powerful shot that is almost always on target. McKeown has smart offensive instincts, and knows when to jump into the play and when to shoot or pass it off. He executes plays well and puts himself in a position to score by moving around the offensive zone, and he generates scoring chances for himself and for his teammates. He can often be found down around the crease on a pinch or looking for a rebound. McKeown isn’t one to lay a big check, but he uses his body effectively to knock opponents off the puck. He isn’t afraid to enter the gritty areas, but usually leaves that up to others. He has very good hockey sense and his decision making with the puck is exceptionally good. McKe- own does great things with the puck and reads developing plays well. McKeown does a very good job of breaking up plays and positions himself well all over the ice. Not only does he defend well, he sees plays develop and gets to the position he needs to be in order to defend accordingly. (May 2014)