Rocco Grimaldi

Aaron Vickers

The pint-sized, hard working, uber skilled forward is an excellent shifty skater with great agility and lateral quickness. Possesses a gear that few can boast and uses his elite mobility to create offense. Has some of the draft’s most skilled hands and can carve a de- fender up if he gets caught a half step out of position. Hockey sense and offensive creativity are absolutely dynamic as he sees the play develop before most and makes things happen each and every shift. Has a great shot that is both quick off his stick and accurate. Possesses world class vision and a re hydrant build which allows him to overcome his lack of size to date. Dynamic, ashy and explosive are the three words that best describe Rocco’s game. Has a non-stop motor with lightning quick feet and is always in on every play no matter what zone it is played in. Wants the puck on his stick and is a real playmaker who is well worth the price of admission. Real lack of size is only but very daunting weakness. (May 2011)