Robin Kovacs

Darren Walker

Kovacs is a high skill offensive type of player with good hands and skating. He has top-notch
skating ability, as his acceleration, speed and mobility are excellent. Kovacs is very balanced on
his skates with his fluid movements and excellent skating with the puck. He proves successful
handling the puck and on zone entries as he is very slippery between the defenders, making him
hard to stop. He is more of a scorer with a sharp, quick release than a playmaker trying to set
up his teammates. He is always trying to find a way to get a shot at the net. His determination
makes his efforts strong; although, he needs to work on his defensive positioning. Offensively,
he needs to get a little bit stronger in front of the net. Even though he is willing to play that feisty
type of game, he needs to bulk up. His hockey sense is very good as he makes quick and smart
decisions with the puck. He supports his defenders in the defensive zone when needed and he
tries to verbally build up his teammates as much as possible, showing strong leadership qualities.
His passing ability is solid; he proved to have very good timing and sharpness on his passes.
Kovacs has great hockey sense and creativity. Played on AIK`s (SHL-2) top line and powerplay
unit in his first year at the senior level and made an impact, which has been impressive.  (May 2015)