Robby Jackson

Aaron Vickers

Jackson is an undersized forward who can y with an impressive set of feet that just don’t stop. He continually looks for scoring opportunities in the o-zone by using his high hockey IQ, his tenacity and his quick feet. Often times, Jackson gets outmatched by the opposition who physically intimidate the small forward and force him off pucks. He has great vision, patience and coordination with the puck, great skills and speed and a tremendous shot. He is tenacious and doesn’t give up on loose or turned over pucks. Jackson’s tenacity also can be his downfall, as he over commits to attacking forwards, in hopes of creating a turnover, which sometimes leaves him out of position. The St. Cloud State commit possesses good instincts when with the puck behind the goal line, and quickly looks for forwards in good shooting position, but doesn’t always have the passing accuracy to create an abundance of chances. You can see Jackson has the potential to be a natural goal scorer; his positioning and quick movement allow him to always be a threat in the offensive zone. The injury history and lack of size are major concerns and will need to be appeased if he is to have a pro hockey future. His quickness, speed and agility may help him overcome the lack of size he has, but this kid does have some heavy bust potential. (May 2015)