Robby Fabbri

Darren Walker

A small, but feisty, two-way goal scorer. Fabbri is extremely fast, and sees the ice very well. He anticipates plays and uses his small size to squeeze through holes or around opponents into open areas to give his teammates a passing option. He battles hard and is more than willing to grind it out in the corners and more often than not, comes away with the puck. He jumps on loose pucks and uses his speed to separate himself from opponents in a foot race. Fabbri has tremendous hand speed with the puck and has ashes of creativity, deking defenders one on one. He has the ability to get out of tight quarters under pressure. At top speed, he maintains control of the puck and makes excellent passes. Plays with pace. Fabbri uses his limited size and shifty feet as an asset as he dodges checks to continue with the puck. He is not afraid to take a hit and accepts them regularly to make a play. He has tremendous vision and can see passing lanes across the ice through a swarm of legs and players’ sticks. Fabbri makes hard and accurate passes. He plays his part well in the defensive zone and offers support to the defenders, often helping to lead the breakout. He is not bothered by pressure and shows a lot of patience with the puck. He is a high-possession player with a pass-first mentality, but will often unleash a hard shot when he has the chance. Fabbri has a nose to get to the net and great hockey sense, often recognizing opportunities before his linemates do. Once he has the puck, he is very strong and doesn’t let it go. He protects the puck extremely well using his strength and has the wiry upper body strength to extend his reach on the puck with one hand if need be. He is a shifty skater and has a ton of mobility. Add that to his overall speed and hockey sense, and Fabbri can change the pace and outcome of the game when he steps on the ice. (May 2014)