Riley Stillman

Aaron Vickers

Stillman, son of former NHLer Cory, is a do-it-all type of rearguard. He possesses a strong and quick first step that puts him ahead of the game. He has some quick feet and reads the transition very well away from the puck. He is quick to tie up his man in the defensive zone, boxing him out with his back or his stick at the backdoor. He isn’t shy to play physically, taking out the puck carrier with a hard hip check or stepping into his man along the wall. Stillman makes good decisions under pressures, dishing a strong pass or getting a low shot off right as the check approaches. He makes good decisions about when to take the puck for a skate; he does so with confidence, deking a defender when needed or just chipping it past and depending on his support. Stillman shows great vision in transition, seeing lanes develop and seaming crisp passes through them. He makes a good, quick first pass to the man on the wall to start the breakout. Defensively, he holds the blueline with effectiveness and forces the opposition to the low percentage areas. A player who injects himself physically at the appropriate times, Stillman shows strong contain along with an active and effective stick, and a willingness to block shots and take a hit to make a play. He really started to come on halfway through the year as he gained confidence and ice time.   (May 2016)