Rickard Hugg

Aaron Vickers

Hugg is an offensively engaged player who controls the puck well and has a strong ability to set up his teammates. He is skilled and has some nifty plays, back-hand flips and hand dekes. He isn’t the swiftest skater but has good mobility and balance. He makes up of for his lack of speed with excellent hockey-sense and positional knowhow. He plays with a very low center of gravity, and is difficult to knock off the puck. Has a decent shot but is more a playmaker than triggerman. Not an overly creative passer but can dish the puck using either sides of his blade and does so at proper times. He possesses a strong understanding of the game and is able to control inaccurate passes and bring bouncing pucks under his control to make an accurate play. His play away from the puck is solid as he makes himself available, circling in the offensive zone to open passing lanes. He goes to the front of the net to provide a screen and deflect shots, proving to not be easy to jostle around. He is inconsistent with his efforts in his own end, clearly trying to spring the zone early on some occasions and not coming down far enough to support an outlet pass. His defensive commitment needs improvement, but his ability to read the play and support the puck defensively showed some promise. Hugg is a smart playmaker that reads the game well and finds his teammates, he also has a nose for the net which he also goes in to for rebounds and for irritating. A projected two-way center but has lots of room improve before NHL teams see the finished product.