Richard Nejezchleb

Aaron Vickers

Nejezchleb is a big forward who can really get moving in a hurry. Has a high skating posture and long strides that make him dangerous in open ice. He is a very skilled forward who has good stick-handling skills. With time, Nejezchleb has become more con dent to experiment with a broad selection of moves. Creativity and ability with the puck are impressive. He has a quality wrist shot that he can get off quickly and with good velocity. He seldom uses his slap shot in situations. He is a quality puck mover, and has good vision that he uses to create high-quality chances for his teammates while showing little hesitation. The main downfall to his skill game is that he sometimes tries to be too crafty instead of making a simple play. He is beginning to use his body more, becoming a monster along the boards by outmuscling and outwitting opponents. His checking game leaves a lot to be desired. He takes some questionable routes to pucks at times, and due to his high posture, he tends to get his hands up when making contact, putting himself at risk of taking bad penalties. His defensive game is still evolving as well. (May 2014)