Reid Gardiner

Aaron Vickers

A hard worker with good smarts and a high compete level. Gardiner, despite his limiting size, will not be denied in puck battles when he is on his game. Is all over the ice at both ends, displaying good positioning and the ability to both distribute and re the puck on net. He has a lethal wrister that will beat goalies from a distance. Strong for his size and shows good feet along the wall. Seems to always come out of the corner with the puck no matter who he goes to battle with. Makes some excellent passes with space and is able to create separation with some good wheels through the neutral zone. Can play in all roles, and does well in any job he is tasked with. He can score goals as he gets himself into prime position and shows the necessary tools to succeed at battles in the greasy areas of the ice. Gardiner is not only hard working, but is also savvy along the walls. We see don’t him becoming a huge scorer, but rather a versatile energy forward. (May 2014)