Reid Duke

Darren Walker

Duke is a skill forward who shows solid physicality and defensive responsibility. His best attribute is his vision, which he uses on occasion to find open teammates while under duress from defenders. His timing is excellent on passes in the offensive zone, where he is able to get it to someone at the perfect time, like when a defenseman is leaning the other way or has his stick in the wrong place. His shot is pretty good as well. Duke is a strong all-around skater who shows solid balance and good speed. He moves very well in open ice with impressive agility. Acceleration is just alright and should improve. Gets involved physically when on the forecheck and also defensively below the goal line. Doesn’t throw huge checks, but he does a good job of making sure the other team knows he isn’t going to make it easy on them. Duke is solid defensively as he always seems to be the first one back to help out, and seems to ow around the defensive zone with purpose and smarts. Isn’t an amazing defensive forward, but he knows his responsibilities and works hard to get his team moving in the offensive direction. Duke has good smarts, instinctually moving to meaningful places on the ice and showing a lot of poise and patience with the puck. (May 2014)