Rasmus Andersson

Darren Walker

A smart, multi-situational defender. This Swedish import has the ability to quarterback a powerplay
by making good reads, hard passes and even harder shots when lanes open. Andersson
is a strong and balanced skater who is very mobile. Little choppy when pivoting from backwards
to forward, but his movements are fluid everywhere else. Lacks some necessary speed though,
unable to keep up to many OHL forwards. Needs to use his smarts to position himself correctly
to compensate, but will need to improve his speed if he is to take the next step. Delivers hard,
accurate passes to spark the attack; although, these can be inconsistent at times. Very strong
reads of the play on the breakout to hit his target with the puck. When presented with no options,
Andersson will either wait for a second or two to try to open something up or he will continue to
skate it up ice on his own. Possesses a powerful slapshot that he unloads once he is set and
sees his lane. Defensively aware and possesses strong hockey sense. Will use his size to physically
rub out opponents or clear the crease, but does not possess a real bruiser’s temperament.
Uses his stick well, cutting off lanes and angling attackers away from danger. Possesses loads
of NHL upside but has one glaring issue: speed. And that will need improvement.  (May 2015)