Quinton Howden

Aaron Vickers

One of the best big man skaters in the draft. Has good acceleration and nice top end speed. Handles the puck well and has a very impressive, hard and accurate shot which he can get off mid-stride. Size at just over six-foot-two helps him create space for not only himself but also his linemates and his speed allows him to create separation from defenders. Seems to always have his feet moving or at least ready to go and is constantly looking to go offensively. Willing to drive the puck to the net but is ultimately a better shooter from around the hashmarks. Has the ability to play a solid role on the penalty kill with his speed and reach and is a threat to create shorthanded offense. For such an impressive physical presence he plays with very little jam of physical presence. Offensive upside is still unknown as he does not excel at any one aspect or skill. Seems like he projects out to be more of a second / third line complimentary player at the next level. Hockey sense and offensive creativity are questionable. (May 2010)