Pontus Aberg

Aaron Vickers

Åberg is a speedy sniper who is also a hard worker. His skating is agile with quick acceleration and he has some balance on his feet. The most notable thing about Åberg is his wrist shot: An impressive release with strong accuracy. Åberg’s blessed with what you would call a goal-scorer’s sense around the net, not getting chances by out-muscling opponents as much, but by being smart and reading the play to jump on loose pucks. He is at his best coming down the wing and getting a quick release on net. Åberg is a mixture between a power forward and a playmaker. He has great drive, likes to finish his checks and is a good puck-handler. He uses his skating to his advantage in the defensive zone; he comes back hard and ties up his man. He is a really responsible player and has shown little to no difficulty adapting to the senior level of play, despite the horrific year for his team. (May 2012)