Pius Suter

Aaron Vickers

The improvement in this kid over the course of the season and since last year is very noticeable. He is a very strong and effective penalty killer as he works hard in his zone to get pucks out. Positions himself very well and reads the play. This kid is traffic monster who is puck hungry. He is active, constantly looking for lanes to split to and is aware of support when in possession and aware of checkers coming at him, which allows him to make the right play more often than not. Suter possesses strong agility and a quick first step. Has the ability to make hard passes through the neutral zone right on the tape, but his execution and work with the puck can be inconsistent. He has a slow release on his wrist shot as he drags the puck back and takes a few seconds before releasing it, but his shot is hard and accurate. He can deke defenders under pressure and make them look silly as he pulls the puck and goes inside out on them. Suter’s transition game is highly effective and he thrives in the neutral zone. While he is quick to start the offense and get out of the zone, he knows when to explode and breakout; he waits until his team is in possession before making a move. Suter is aggressive on forecheck and is very effective when he uses his stick to swipe the puck right out from under his opponent. Will take a beating in front of the net to gain positioning and set up a screen, but he isn’t afraid to give it right back to the defender, standing up for himself no matter how big and intimidating the opponent may be. (May 2015)