Pierre-Luc Dubois

Darren Walker

Dubois is a rangy forward who seems to always be on the attack. He has a fortuitous blend of size, strength and hockey sense. He is quite mobile for a player of his size. His hockey sense and passes are strong; he anticipates plays well and gets the puck into dangerous areas in the offensive zone. Dubois has very strong vision that he uses to hit streaking teammates on the rush. He skates well, making quick, deliberate cuts to create separation and, at times, hits a second gear when he needs to create some space or get on an opponent on the backcheck. His strength and balance on his skates are definitely more evident than any breakaway speed or acceleration. Dubois keeps his head up and pivots his body positioning to make plays and protect the puck. He is able to use his size to his favor when engaging in battles along the boards. As he skates toward the boards, he engages and overpowers his opponent, gaining body position over the puck. He is able to do this against every opponent no matter if they are big or small. He has no hesitation when engaging in scrums after the whistle, but remains cool-headed. His hockey sense is on display as he is able to see plays develop before they come to fruition. Dubois has impressive vision and quick decision-making to determine the best route to take to break into the offensive zone before having the puck on his stick. As he powers into the zone and through defenders, Dubois really demonstrates his size and strength on his skates. His shot is heavy and quick off his blade. His hockey sense extends to both the offensive and defensive zones. Dubois engages with his man in front of his net, tying up his stick. He will block a shot or come down low and make a check to separate the attacker from the puck. He does a great job on the forecheck, putting a lot of pressure on the defense. Dubois is a smart hockey player who plays with some solid skill and strength.   (May 2016)