Pierre Engvall

Aaron Vickers

Tall and lanky winger with very good poise. He has a very smooth acceleration and gets up to speed thanks to his long legs. Smooth and effective is also the description of his skating style in general; he’s not very explosive or shifty, but plays with a very good pace and maintains a high speed throughout his shifts. At 6-foot-4, he is a very good skater. He doesn’t have that superb vision you look for in a top-level playmaker, but he still gets the job done with good puck distribution, strong accuracy to his passes, and his excellent reach and size, which he uses to open up the ice. He’s really calm and composed with the puck on his stick and slows the game down in a good way whenever he has the puck. He’s got good reach and protects the puck well. He really seems to enjoy circling the offensive zone with the puck looking for open linemates, but probably needs to gain some strength. He’s not a ashy stickhandler; his game seems to be more about reading the play and making simple, yet smart, plays while making the most out of his teammates. His development over the course of the season has been phenomenal. He’s using his strengths more to his advantage, and has started to play more physically. (May 2014)