Peter Holland

Aaron Vickers

He has a very intriguing blend of size and skill… skates well and can really explode into openings…has good natural athleticism…shows flashes of dominance at both ends…has a great shot release when flying down the wing…is creative with the puck and can handle it in traffic…equally adept at making a play by setting a teammate or finishing himself…uses his big frame well to protect the puck and battle down low…works hard on improving his game…has quick hands and good balance…is physically strong…a potential power forward with skill in the pros. Level of compete night in and night out has been lacking toward the tail end of the season…decision making on the ice is also questionable…consistency in his physical play needs refining…can try to needlessly show-off his puck skills during the game…can get lazy on his defensive assignments…has a tendency to stay on the perimeter too often depending on his linemates to do the dirty work…overall he needs to ramp up the intensity in his play. (May 2009)