Pavel Zacha

Darren Walker

Zacha is the total package. He has pro size, explosive speed and a deadly release.
Zacha is a threat every time that he is on the ice and we love the fact that he finishes his checks hard.
He is always hard on the puck and wins the majority of battles in all three zones. He is a physically
imposing pivot who uses his size and strength to fully control the cycle game down low. Has some
magical hands as he has no problem with pulling the puck from behind with one hand and up to the
front of his body without slowing down at all. Uses his long reach to his advantage pulling pucks
that are out of reach in close where he can quickly pull a skilled move or get off a shot with little
effort. His agility and speed allow him to elude hits and beat defenders wide or down the middle.
Zacha is also very good at changing speeds which makes him deceptive and elusive. The power
in his stride is incredible and allows him to explode in every direction, even at top speed. A very
smart player who gets to the right area of the ice for a pass. He has an excellent shot, with
enormous velocity and an even better release. Zacha’s hands and vision are very good as well
and he can penetrate the zone and feed teammates through traffic very effectively. He picks
up his man on the backcheck and does a good job of removing him from the play. He helps
out below the hash marks in the defensive zone and helps to grind it out and get the puck
out of the zone. Does a good job of offering support outside of a crowd and helps out in
all areas. Always seems to be on the right side of the puck and uses his body to push his
way through traffic. Zacha makes unreal passes on the rush when it is least expected. He
leads his man with the puck and gets creative in his passing as he gets fancy and dishes
behind the back pass from the corner to the slot and right on the tape. Zacha was a
very dangerous goal scorer at the recent U18’s for his native Czech Republic. The sky
is the limit for this kid and we believe that he will be very successful at the next level.  (May 2015)