Pavel Karnaukhov

Aaron Vickers

Karnaukhov has the size, an offensive tool kit and two-way hockey sense to succeed. He is not a burner by any means. While there doesn’t appear to be any flaws in his stride, he looks a tad sluggish. Offensively, it doesn’t seem to hinder him much as he seems more comfortable playing off the puck anyway. He has very good hockey sense. He surveys the ice very well and always has his head up. He shows patience with the puck and finds teammates effectively. The behind the back pass seems to be a favourite of his and he executes it and other skilled passes well. His high level awareness makes it difficult to lock him down. His positional play in both the offensive and defensive zone is a major asset. With the puck, he has quick hands and solid control. He uses his size and puck skills to protect the puck effectively. He is well rounded offensively in addition to being a solid puck mover. He also has a goal scoring knack. We wouldn’t call him a punishing player; however, he battles hard and is willing to go to tough areas. He is a committed defender. He skates as hard on the back check as he does on attack and his positioning, once in the zone, is very polished. He is very well rounded and his hockey IQ will take him a long way. If he can continue to prove he’s willing to work, his skating should improve. (May 2015)