Paul Bittner

Darren Walker

A behemoth of a kid, Bittner has the size that NHL teams crave in a potential power
forward. Straight line speed is one of his better attributes as he uses his long and powerful limbs to
pump vigorously and push the pace of play. Once Bittner gets moving, he approaches the play with
reckless abandon and is not easily stopped or moved off course. Willing to throw his weight around
and lay the body when the opportunity presents itself. Has a solid wrist shot with some real whip to
it. Speaking of his shot, it’s a strong part of his repertoire; he’s not afraid to shoot either. He’s got a
quick release. We would describe his wrister as being ‘heavy.’ He sees time on the top powerplay
unit in Portland and it’s his role to get in front of the net and screen the goalie. He is pretty good in
that aspect and utilizes his long reach to sweep home rebounds. He looks to process the game
at a high level, making quick and efficient plays in traffic to move the puck along under pressure.
His puck possession skills are very simplistic, without much flair and creativity in dekes. His
main asset is his puck protection with help from his massive frame. Classified as a two-way
power forward, he seems committed to getting into the lanes and using his reach to take
away space; however, his lack of quickness and lateral mobility doesn’t always allow him to
match up well with agile players. He plays a rough and tumble game along the boards and
can simply outwork players with his strength and reach. Showed his sheer determination
on the wall and on zone entries; his size is no match for some of the WHL’s defenders. He
remains poised with the puck on his stick and dishes clean passes on the rush. Bittner
has an eye for scoring and is lethal below the hash marks. Finished the season on a
points tear after starting off a little slowly.  (May 2015)