Patrick Sieloff

Aaron Vickers

A good physically punishing defender who takes care of his own end first and foremost. His skating is good as he has jump and solid overall mobility, but nothing too explosive. His feet are quickest when he changes directions, looking to blow up an opponent with a devastating open ice check. He is strong along the walls and in front of his net. He is a feared physical player who causes opponents to keep their heads up whenever he takes a shift. He reads the play well and closes his gaps quickly. Has a hard point shot that is both accurate and able to be taken as a one- timer. He has showed the ability to handle the puck and move it up ice effectively. He is quick on transitioning the puck up ice with a quick pass but is not expected to be a point producer at the NHL level. He communicates with his teammates well, showing good leadership. He has some untapped offensive abilities that we just saw flashes of this season in Ann Arbor (May 2012)