Patrick Khodorenko

Aaron Vickers

A skilled playmaker with a solid work ethic…a strong skater with good technique that will allow him to build future power and speed…agile and quick in his first few strides…able to cut laterally and use his edges well…possesses impressive vision and ability to lay a saucer pass right on the tape of his target…hands are a strength giving him the ability to dipsy doodle and toe drag around sticks as he navigates through zones with the puck…awareness and exceptional foot speed allows him to stay in control of a lot of plays and make adjustments to keep himself one step ahead…protects the puck well in traffic and controls it until an option open up…good awareness away from the puck and is always in a position to support the puck…creates chances and can both set-up a play as well as finish it off…displays a solid shot and can be dangerous from in close…a potential pro two-way guy in a top six role.  (November 2016)