Patrick Bajkov

Aaron Vickers

Bajkov is a skilled forward who plays a pretty big role on a thin Everett offensive attack. He is an average skater who looks a little bit awkward in the way he cuts around the ice, but, in general, he moves deftly. He shows subtle flashes of skill. When receiving the puck along the defensive half wall, Bajkov shows strong poise in the way he is able to cut through checks and then deliver a strong pass to a streaking teammate. He looks very calm and fluid in the way he is able to stickhandle through traffic. He is a deceiving and slippery player who shows good footwork in and around the cycle. Bajkov has decent size and a good amount of skill, but he does not consistently control the play in a game. He is a player who seems to have been around forever and is just now eligible for the draft. He is a smart, two-way forward who gets the job done in various areas of the game. Bajkov is versatile and can play in any situation. He thrived in a defensive environment with the Silvertips. He has great awareness on the ice and can be a catalyst of positive plays in all areas of the ice. Bajkov needs to fill out a bit, but he is one of the role guys who all winning teams have. He will block shots and chip in with some offensive flashes.   (May 2016)