Pascal Laberge

Aaron Vickers

Laberge is an intelligent player who skates with a purpose. He analyzes the ice and where he would be best suited to go to be most effective in each situation. He is a very quick skater who is light on his feet. His short bursts allow him to gain the speed needed to be impactful all over the ice. He has good vision and makes quick passes on tape from various ranges and angles. With soft, quick hands, Laberge’s puck skills are very good; he can beat players one-on-one and make goalies look like peewee stoppers. His shot is quick and known by QMJHL goaltenders. He can also really wire it to spots he wants with a deceptive release point. He is an underrated playmaker as he waits for his teammates to make moves before hitting them with accurate passes. He creates a lot of quality scoring chances and has a bit of an edge as he is fearless in the greasy areas. Laberge provides good support for teammates in his own zone for quick breakouts; he does the same in the offensive zone for good scoring chances. He likes to throw his body around and play physically, winning his share of board battles. He dealt with some personal tragedy over the past few months that caused some understandable inconsistency in his on-ice play earlier this season. However, a switch went off during the second half Laberge brought a strong, determined effort to the rink. It is hard not to pull for a kid like this who has dealt with loss and continues to fight. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time away from the puck, and he has the offensive instincts that will make him a threat as he gets bigger, faster and stronger.   (May 2016)