Parker Wotherspoon

Darren Walker

A well-rounded two way blueliner. Everything he does is calm, smooth and with a purpose;
excellent composure. He’s a high-end skater, not quite “effortless,” but close. He’s got good acceleration
to his stride and excellent top-end speed, which he uses to rush the puck up the ice
in an attempt to create offense. While his forward skating is top notch, he could use a bit more
power and explosiveness in his backwards striding. He handles the puck well and makes some
very simple but effective outlet passes. He makes very smart decisions with the puck and knows
when to just clear the zone. As far as his other offensive tools, he displays a hard shot with a
quick release. He has the ability to take tough passes, settling them down and quickly getting
the puck on net. Defensively he is very smart and composed, displaying excellent gap work and
a great stick when defending both off the cycle and off the rush. He is not the flashiest player,
but shows a willingness to get involved in all zones. He never tries to overdo it and he knows his
limits. He is a heads up guy who shows great awareness and vision.  (May 2015)