Owen Grant

Aaron Vickers

Grant is a heads-up defender who moves the puck well. He’s a fluid skater who makes solid, effective, smart breakout passes. When not using his exceptional vision and outlet pass ability, Grant can and will take the puck himself and try to make plays. He’s shifty, and has no trouble gaining the offensive zone with ease, whether deploying a quick deke or a little short-range pass to a streaking teammate. When in the offensive zone, Grant perches himself along the boards and isn’t afraid to pinch in and attempt to make a play. He moves the puck well, and makes quick, accurate in-zone passes. He is typically solid defensively, and positions himself well between the shooter and the net. He gets in lanes effectively and engages physically along the boards. Grant can go through stretches of coughing the puck up too much. He needs to work on his first step to beat the forechecker as they race for the puck in retrieval. In the neutral zone, we would like to see him anticipate a little better and move back with his man, not allowing the space for one or two players to get around him and go on the attack. Despite a few defensive warts that need attention, Grant plays the game the right way, and could be a surprise pick if he continues to work hard at his all-around game. He’s an effective two-way defender who just needs time to marinate.   (May 2016)