Oskar Steen

Aaron Vickers

An offensive minded forward, Steen is always looking to create something. He is a fairly good skater and is able to carry a lot of his speed through his turns, utilizing his edges extremely well. He’s not the biggest, but man does he give 100% effort every shift. Steen is a very shifty player who uses his explosive acceleration in small spaces to create offensive chances. He moves around very effortlessly both with or without the puck and finds open ice. He has the ability to grind it out and willingly goes to the dirty areas to make plays and gain loose pucks. Steen possesses a knack for being in the right spot at the right time, and has some finishing ability to score goals. However, his ability to make a skilled pass to set up an opportunity is where he will likely put up the majority of his points. Defensive play is where his game is at its best. He’s crafty with his ability to close off lanes with his superior skating technique, and uses his body/ stick to make plays on the opposition. Quick on the ice, Steen is also very tenacious and spares no effort to chase opponents and pull them the puck. He also backchecks and forechecks, and exerts strong efforts at both ends of the ice. Despite a small frame, he tries to hit hard and does everything he can to disturb his opponents. Steen is a very intense player with a great level of competitiveness.   (May 2016)