Ondrej Najman

Aaron Vickers

Najman is a solid all-around winger who contributes on both sides of the puck. He is a good skater, not incredibly fast, but is hard to knock off of the puck. He makes a lot of quick give-andgo short passes to keep the game moving fast as he plays at a quick pace. Najman finds his teammates with precise passes all over the ice. He is not just a solid playmaker, even though that aspect of his game is strong, but his offensive game without the puck is another thing that stands out. Has a great shot that is hard for goaltenders to pick up off the release and it has solid velocity. He is also not afraid to shoot it whenever he sees a lane or opportunity. Najman has solid positioning and is almost always in the right spot to help out his linemates or receive a pass in open space. He shows great stickhandling one on one, and can beat multiple defenders on zone entries or driving to the net. He protects the puck well, covering the puck with his body or loose hand, keeping it out of reach by extending his stick. We like his board battle as he is not afraid to go to the gritty areas and is very successful at coming out with possession more often than not. Najman is defensively solid, playing tight to his man and making his life really hard. He is good in the faceoff circle and wins the majority of important draws. He plays a very solid penalty kill and is effective at shutting down shooting and passing lanes. Najman can go through some stretches of ineffectiveness, but is a solid project for an NHL team.   (May 2016)