Ondrej Kase

Darren Walker

Kase is an offensive weapon and a truly ashy winger. He is a smooth skater and is as fast as they come into this draft. That makes him a dangerous forechecker as well. He handles the puck real well and carries it ahead effectively. He is a good passer, although that’s not always what he does with the puck. He likes to shoot it more, I’d say, and he’s got a laser beam. Very accurate shot with above-average velocity. His speed and forechecking make him an effective player off the puck as well, and given that his positioning is also exceptional for his age, you always want him covered. He’s not a very physical player and you shouldn’t expect a big hit for him, but he will challenge bigger defensemen all the time. Defensively, he’ll need to step up later on. This year, he had linemates to do that as he waited for them to feed him the puck. His character is great; he likes to work hard and has strong on-ice discipline. (May 2014)