Olli Juolevi

Darren Walker

Juolevi is a fluid, two-way defenseman who plays a strong puck-moving game. He processes the game at a very high level and appears very calm when pressured, not rushing just any old play with the puck, but instead evaluating what would be the best play. He quickly escapes trouble with his quick feet and good puck protection before moving the puck to the safe option. His choices of pass options are very strong and put him a good position to help his team succeed. He is a strong backward skater who can vary his speed based on the play in front of him thanks to his ability to anticipate and react quickly. Juolevi keeps strong gaps and an active stick to knock pucks off his opponents’ sticks. A very mature thinker, he just always seems to be aware of what is going on around him and seems able to predict what is going to happen next. Juolevi reacts well to add support on the wall in an effort to get the puck free; once he gets it on his tape, he does a good job of pushing the play forward by either skating it or with a crisp pass to his target in open ice. When he sees the opportunity, he will come off the blueline and skate into the puck to unload a slap shot as well, and while his shot is not overly powerful, he gets it right on target and places it where he wants it. He consistently dishes crisp passes to his best options, seeing the ice very well in front of him and to the side, executing strong D-to-D passes and being there as a support option for his partner when he does not have the puck. Juolevi carries the puck on the attack with poise and speed, showing no signs of hesitation or losing control of the puck, even at his top speed. He displays incredible awareness as he works his way up ice, reading the play and seeing lanes develop very well. He shows off some quick hands and feet as he moves the puck at the point, holding onto it until a lane presents itself to slip a pass through. Juolevi has good offensive instincts to read the play and drop down from the point to support his teammates in possession.  (May 2016)