Olivier Leblanc

Darren Walker

A puck mover who can really stack up the scoring chances. Good skater with quick acceleration, pivots well in the neutral zone, is shifty and can stay with the most elusive attackers, as well as hustle up and down the ice. LeBlanc loves to lead or join the rush. Being a good skater helps because he is able to get back on D quickly. Great vision on the ice. A very calm player with the puck, he does not make many mistakes coming out of his zone and makes a consistently good first pass. A very smart player, he understands what to do quickly in each situation he is faced with. Uses his stick very well to get it on the puck and to disrupt lanes. LeBlanc has some good offensive upside as he runs the PP efficiently and he’s very calm with the puck. His big issue is still size and strength. Struggles to shoulder off opponents and move them from areas of his zone that are dangerous. With that said, he might not know that as he consistently tries to play the body and battles with a good level of intensity. (May 2014)