Noel Hoefenmayer

Aaron Vickers

Hoefenmayer is a hard-working two-way blueliner. He is a sound, two-way defender who makes intelligent decisions with the puck. He moves on the ice flawlessly, both backward and forward. He is a good puck mover and he controls the puck efficiently, though he’s not overly flashy and spectacular. With the puck, while he doesn’t have elite offensive tools, his quick decision-making allows him to transition up ice and find teammates with passes. He has a good shot that’s hard and easily deflectable. Defensively, he is constantly surveying the ice to step up in the play and break up passes. Can get a little scrambled, position wise, in his own zone but his gap control is already well ahead of most of his top peers, and he manages to quickly make plays on puck carriers to disrupt the rush. He sees the ice well, plays a smart positional game and reads the developing play well getting himself into position to jump lanes and intercept passes and transition quickly or break up plays in his defensive zone. He plays the role of pest very well as he isn’t afraid to mix it up in the corners with any player he comes into contact with, always giving that one extra shot and often drawing penalties as a result of retaliations or players going after him after the whistle. He impressed us multiple times this season as a solid, two-way defender who can move the puck quickly and also works so hard through all three zones.