Noah Juulsen

Aaron Vickers

A workhorse, minute munching, puck-rushing type of rearguard. He is a decent straight line
skater who has a smooth stride. Although his speed in forward and reverse isn’t elite, he loves
to rush the puck and does so effectively. His quick feet serve well for lateral movement and his
mobility. His edge work is very good and he is strong on his skates. Very smart and decisive
offensive player who sees the ice well, picking his spots to make creative plays. He isn’t huge,
but he is very tough and aggressive. Hits to make a difference. You can tell he will have the
potential to be an absolutely devastating hitter once he adds another few pounds to his frame.
Along with that physical play away from the puck, he shows solid gap control and good reads
against the rush. He is strong in his stick positioning, taking away passing lanes and interrupting
shots when necessary. He is solid defensively, and displays the ability to force players wide
and take them off the puck in the corners and on the boards. He is an efficient penalty killer
and shows a willingness to get in shooting lanes and take away options. His most outstanding
feature, though, is his ability to handle the puck with great hand-speed and decent strength with
it. He makes consistently good outlet feeds and shows impressive vision.  (May 2015)