Noah Hanifin

Darren Walker

Hanifin is a steady, mobile two-way defenseman who loves the offensive side of the
game. The one thing he showed time and time again this season and last is that he thinks the game
well years beyond his age. He processes it at a very high level and possesses the skills to be able
to do what he wants to do in all zones. He is very confident with the puck on his stick and loves to
rush the puck himself or join in on the rush. In the defensive zone, he uses his big frame and long
stick well. He always leads with his stick to deflect shots/passes off the opposition’s sticks. A gifted,
smooth skating defenseman, Hanifin has a good first step and is mobile in all facets of the game.
He ahows his pro-ready vision and puck smarts on every shift. He plays tough in the corners and
in front of the net. He is almost always in the correct position. He has an extremely long reach
and uses it well to break up rushes and take away passing lanes. On the rare occasion that
he makes a mistake, his calmness and poise allows him to get back in position and play like
nothing happened. When his passes do get intercepted or there is a turnover he is quick to
instantly apply pressure to his man and limit him from gaining any meaningful ground. His
poise is also on display when he has the puck. His passing ability is very impressive; always
tape-to-tape, whether the player is in motion or stationary. His shot is also incredibly hard
and accurate; a real weapon on the powerplay. Has the size, speed, skill, and smarts at
both ends of the ice that allows him to have success. Makes strong reads of the developing
play and creates opportunity to get the puck going in the proper direction.  (May 2015)