Noah Gregor

Aaron Vickers

Gregor is an average-sized forward who plays a strong two-way game with offensive upside and defensive prowess. He is not the biggest guy, but his agility and high-tempo game allow him to power through coverage and make plays. His explosive first few strides make the difference right off the hop, allowing him to gain the momentum that enables him to be the first man in on the play. Gregor has the ability process the game at high speed and the stick skills to match. He loves to carry puck and make a subtle deke or two to get opponents off his back and open up that extra space to allow for further creativity. He is able to spot opponents quickly and make a split-second decision as to whether or not to commit to the play. He goes to the corners and net willingly, showing that the commitment to score is worth more than whatever physical punishment is awaiting him. He has a quick shot that is best suited for the areas in tight or off the rush. The underrated part of his game is his commitment to not just the offensive end, but his work in his own zone and in every other aspect of the game. He is a very responsible player who gets down low to swoop in and provide puck support. Gregor is a dogged forechecker and backchecker, showing a strong stick to lift pucks off of opponents. He takes good lanes to the puck carrier and will put them on their asses if they are not set.   (May 2016)