Nikolay Goldobin

Darren Walker

Goldobin is a fleet-footed offensive forward who boasts one hell of an offensive skill set. He also possesses a very smooth skating stride and a quick first step, which makes him extremely dangerous. He is shifty and really hard to pin down for defenses. He gets into solid position in the offensive zone to capitalize on scoring chances. Goldobin has exceptional vision, creates plays, and can beat defenders by using his combination of speed and elite-level hands. Because of his elite playmaking ability, he makes his linemates that much better when he’s out on the ice. He hits teammates with dishes even if they are not in his eld of vision. He is the king of the no-look pass. Goldobin possesses some of the smoothest stick-handling skills we’ve seen at this level in a long time. He routinely makes defenders look silly with his quick hands and moves. He has a relatively hard, accurate wrist shot that he uses to fool goaltenders. He shoots from all different angles in the offensive zone. His one-timer is automatic and already pro caliber. Goldobin’s quick release is one of his best assets. (May 2014)