Nikolaj Ehlers

Darren Walker

Ehlers is a slick and ashy offensive-minded winger who can change the game in an instant. The “Dancing Dane” as he has been called by some has arguably the best set of wheels in the draft. Dangerous offensive player who keeps his feet moving non-stop. Top-end acceleration and top- end speed. He has breakaway speed and can go from a standstill to top speed as quickly as anyone available to draft this season. His change of pace can be so drastic that he can make just about any QMJHL defenseman dizzy as he blows by them. He plays on his off-wing and creates chances with sharp cuts to the middle complemented by an explosive wrister. His puck skills are ashy and artsy – displays very quick, creative hands. Ehlers has an impressive arsenal of dekes he will pull in traffic, and has great hand-eye coordination, which makes him very fun to watch. Protects the puck well in the offensive zone with his reach and quickness. Has a great shot, both forehand and backhand, which he can lift past a goaltender with very little room needed. Good, short tape-to-tape passes as Ehlers keeps this part of his game pretty simple. He is a dangerous forechecker and solid backchecker using his speed and quickness to disrupt. He has shown some potential on the penalty kill this season as well. (May 2014)