Nikolai Prokhorkin

Aaron Vickers

A big, strong Russian center with a creative side to his game. His skating is good; although, he could improve his speed with more strength. He has no problem playing with smaller, faster players and can keep up well for such a big guy. He seems to see the ice well, even when in full flight, and makes strong passes to his linemates. He is creative with the puck and has the sense to know what to do in the offensive zone. He uses his size and reach to protect the puck, win battles for the puck and power his way into scoring zones. He isn’t one to consistently throw big hits or get involved in the rough stuff. He actually broke his finger in his only fight earlier this season. His wrist shot is good and hard; it usually finds the mark. His instinct is to look pass first more often than not. As is the case with many young Russian forwards, his consistency and shift-to-shift work rate is not something that has scouts willing to make him a high selection, despite all of his talents. But when he’s on, he can be dominant. (May 2012)