Nikita Makeyev

Aaron Vickers

Makeyev is a smaller, stocky defenseman who loves to skate with the puck. He is extremely mobile on the ice and can control puck the puck as he moves through traffic. He has quick hands and sets up the offense with his solid passing ability, showing patience and good vision in doing so. Makeyev can make accurate, creative passes through sticks and legs, while not forcing the puck into dead ends. On the other side, he can also break up plays with his active stick; using it to pokecheck the puck off sticks or to cut shooting/passing lanes. His reads and comprehension of the game is very mature. While his size is a factor on his effectiveness, Makeyev does compete and shows great battle. Able to give and take hits despite his small frame, he is always the first player in the corner to pick up dumped and loose pucks. He uses his lateral mobility and lower center of gravity to step up and deliver some perfectly timed bodychecks. On the power play, Makeyev moves the puck very well—timed right and around the zone that opens lanes—moving quickly laterally to be an asset at the point. His shot does not have the booming power needed to make a major impact and be a real weapon from the point, but he does get it through lanes and on net. Sometimes, he can be a little too active defensively and pulls himself out of position, almost trying to do too much himself instead of trusting his teammates to take care of their responsibilities. He plays the game with some strong energy and leads by example.   (May 2016)