Nikita Korostelev

Darren Walker

Korostelev has the potential to be a dominate player at every level he plays at. The problem
is that his desire and inconsistent efforts do not always make that a priority. He has an abundance
of high-end tools to work with. He’s a fantastic skater, has a great set of hands and has
the offensive instincts you can’t teach. He gains possession of the puck and protects it very well.
He also has the ability to find and distribute the puck well, and is a catalyst on the powerplay.
He moves fluidly through the opposition. He has a rocket of a shot, but needs to shoot it more
often. His shot also has the ability to find its way through traffic. He has the release that can fool
goaltenders, but he can get too fancy with the puck and try to make a play to a teammate as opposed
to burying an open opportunity. He uses his smarts and vision to get to open ice to create
more passing options. He has good hands and a knack for making defenders look silly when
they least expect it. Defensively, he isn’t 100 per cent committed, but he gets to the point with
speed to cover his man and block shooting lanes. He knows his responsibilities in the defensive
zone and it is evident that he tries to take care of them, even with the thought of jump-starting
the offense in the front of his mind.  (May 2015)