Nikita Gusev

Aaron Vickers

A water bug on ice with high-end offensive talents. Skates with decent speed, nothing too mind blowing but has amazing agility and lightning quick lateral bursts. His dynamic offensive game is what has most people excited as he rarely ventures into his defensive zone and in not a physical specimen whatsoever. His hand skills are elite as he can deke a goaltender out of his pads and into the first row of seats. Has very good vision, nice soft passing ability and the anticipation of where he should get to when he does not have the puck to make himself an offensive option. Does not seem overly interested when there is no offensive chance for his team. Is a top-six offensive weapon or bust type prospect who has been passed over twice already despite his obvious skill level. Was one part of the three headed offensive juggernaut that is the old CSKA junior line of Gusev-Grigorenko-Kucherov. (May 2012)