Nicolas Meloche

Darren Walker

Meloche is a lanky framed blueliner who plays a two-way game. He does some real good
things on the ice, but also has his share of warts. We like his size, as he is a big kid and isn’t
afraid to use that size in the corners and along the walls. He is very active using the stick and
seems to like to get under the skin of his opponents. He is only an average skater, though. Has
some power to his stride but his footwork can look quite clumsy while trying to defend off the
rush and he also seems to look off-balance at times. Has a hard shot but doesn’t always hit
his target. He generally keeps his shots low for tips or rebound chances. He is most offensively
dangerous when he gets in position to get off a one-timer shot on the powerplay. He seems to be
calm and cool when handling the puck and makes a good first pass out of the zone. He can get
overwhelmed by a strong forecheck or caught trying to be too fancy coming out of his zone. He
does protect the puck well in the corners. Has good hands and can handle the puck well as his
coach even used him in shootout situations this season. He’s got the size and some offensive
skills to build upon. His defensive zone positioning is good and he is a powerful force in front
of the net. Not overly creative, but a no-nonsense guy who could fight his way out of trouble.  (May 2015)