Nicolas Kerdiles

Aaron Vickers

An athletically gifted forward that can be relied on in all situations and at all times. He makes quick decisions and anticipates the play well. He is a great skater who exudes confidence, has excellent hands and has great hockey sense. He has above-average top-end speed, strong lateral agility and very impressive edge work with the ability to stop and start sharply, as well as turn on a dime. He has a great ability to carry the puck at full speed and the hands to make creative plays with the puck to gain entry into the zone. He can make a move with the puck and then get a shot off in one quick, smooth motion. His shot is a laser that is off his stick in a flash. He is a pit bull when it comes to protecting the puck on the wall or when driving to the net. Kerdiles creates chances with his combination of work ethic, soft hands, strong vision and skating ability. In the offensive zone he displays good instincts and hockey sense as seen when he buzzes around in space looking for a timely pass or getting to spots needed to support his linemates in puck battles. He sacrifices his body to make plays by blocking shots, fighting along the boards and on the forecheck, and is willing to take a hit to move the puck. Defensively he is smart at knowing where the lanes are and how to close them off. He is very physical and uses his strength in both ends. He plays 110 per cent during every second of every shift. He is a very hard-working, dedicated player that coaches will have no problem using in any situation. (May 2012)