Nicklas Jensen

Aaron Vickers

Has some impressive size and offensive skills that have scouts watching his progression closely. Plays a power game that has him driving into dirty areas with the puck and getting scoring opportunities as well as possessing the skill to set-up a play from the perimeter. When he is on and playing with good intensity he is a hard body to slow down. Skates well with solid power in his stride and solid mobility. Has a hard accurate snap shot and knows how to get to those greasy scoring areas. Not overly physical but uses his frame to protect the puck well and strength to come out of the corner with the puck. Has a tendency to not always play with a high level of intensity. Some shifts he looks as though he is just going through the motions and not pushing himself. Needs to grow more comfortable with the physical game if he is ever to become a dominant force at the next level. (May 2011)