Nick Wolff

Darren Walker

Wolff is a big, nasty, mean defenseman. He plays a very physical, shut-down game. He does a good job using his great size to his advantage when defending in the zone. He is very physical, especially in front of the net and below the goal line. He is also very willing to throw his weight around in open ice and drop the gloves. He uses his big frame and long reach well to defend. While most of his defensive play is solid, the one weakness he has is defending on the rush against faster, shiftier forwards. He needs to improve his foot quick- ness to be better defending one on one. Offensively, there is a little upside there. He is willing to jump up on the rush if needed and looks fairly comfortable doing so. He has the ability to make a solid rst pass out of the zone. When he is in the offensive zone, he is throwing everything at the net. The puck is not on his stick very long before it’s headed toward the goal, and he shows the ability to get the puck through everyone and on net a majority of the time. He skates pretty well in a straight line, but he needs to improve his foot speed and quickness to be successful moving forward. (May 2014)