Nick Moutrey

Darren Walker

Moutrey is a power winger that is just scratching the surface of his potential. He skates well for such a big body producing decent speeds but is lacking in his rst few steps which can be on the sluggish side. He’s a typical north-south power forward that battles hard in the corners, on the cycle and uses his size to cause havoc in front of the net. He has decent hands and can control the puck both off the rush and in traffic or down low. He also possesses a decent shot but could be improved as it is a little slow off his stick and lacking zip. He’s decent, but still has so much more room to grow in his defensive play as he does get his large frame into lanes, blocks shots and follows the play from zone-to-zone. He has loads of untapped potential offensively and once he realizes what he can do he will be even more effective. He’s at his best when he ramps up the aggressiveness and intensity, the problem is he does not always play that way. Moutrey is hard to contain in Major Junior as he is just so much bigger than most of his opponents. He’s willing to drop the gloves and settle things up physically when needed. (May 2013)