Nick Merkley

Darren Walker

Merkley is consistent all game in his work ethic and shows he has an excellent sense
for creating offense. Very confident with the puck, loves to have possession and hold the puck far away
from his body and cradling it away from oncoming checkers with poise and deliberation. His motor is
his best asset, he never stops moving his feet on the ice and is constantly competing for ice in the
dirty areas. Physically, he can throw a big check, but also shows he can use his strength to cycle
and protect the puck in close quarters. Not afraid to go to the front of the net and look for garbage.
He has great vision and overall hockey sense. He is ultra-creative with elite level vision displayed
when finding open teammates and picks his moments carefully when trying to make an individual
attempt at generating offense. He looks engaged every shift and he does something noticeable
every time he steps on the ice. Always looking to contribute on the ice whether it is making
an offensive play, hustling to make a defensive play or not backing down from a physical battle.
Doesn’t show a ton of respect for bigger guys out there, he just buzzes around and gets in
others’ grills. Has no trouble circling the offensive zone and feathering passes around when
an open lane presents itself. Good footwork generating forward momentum from a standstill,
seems to have very powerful strides and gets up to a high speed quickly. Possesses a hard
shot, confident in just throwing the puck on net and can beat goalies from a considerable
distance. Plays with a high amount of energy and drive. The type of player that every team
wants: hustle, heart, and skill.  (May 2015)